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Mar 9, 2012

The ONE basic fact about the plan to control end time computers

How end time computers were used in the transition to the terror state - the ONE basic fact
You do not need to be a computer scientist to know the ONE basic fact about its software:
1. The operating system:
- controls EVERY other software;
- controls EVERY built-in and peripherical devices (including cameras and micros);
- accesses ALL data.

The ONE basic fact about the plan to control end time computers
Control of end time computers was one of the key items in the "Transition to the terror state" illuminati agenda, completed years ago.
The ONE basic fact about it, is that it was to be implemented in two steps, as simple as this:
1. Control the most popular operating system, Windows, or in other words control Microsoft.
2. Turn Windows into the one world operating system.

After the plan was nearly completed, during the current terror state stage, control mechanisms included:
- filter any communication between internet users (emails, video, etc) ;
- use the internet to spy unaware citizens with cameras and micros in the privacy of their homes
The simple Microsoft Windows spy algorithm is all it takes to prevent freedom loving computer geeks to help citizens escape this control.
Once the nazi constitution will be proclaimed, the operating system can be pushed to control also ANY undesirable software:
- delete it if already installed;
- make it impossible for users to install it.
This will allow the illuminati to read virtually any encrypted data on any computer connected to the internet.

Ultimate reduction of privacy and the ONE basic fact
As far as spying on citizens, the terror state reached the utter limits when computers with built-in microphones and video cameras became the standard.
Illuminati secretly listen and view unaware citizens using Windows computers ever since.
Only way to stop it: open the computer to clip the wires of the built in micro; cover the built in camera.
Not only in Illuminatziland but ALL around the world, thanks to control of the WINDOWS operating system.
The ultimate example illustrating the reduction of privacy.

Armageddon - the battle of End Time Computers - the TWO basic facts
1. Angelic Google became the leader of GOOD against EVIL in the battlefield of End Times Computers, as it became the leader of search engines.
"Coincidentally" as the final battle of Armageddon started, 24 March 1999.

2. Rise of the Android operating system: resistance when no longer expected
Operating systems is obviously the most important battlefront in the the battle of End Time Computers.
Angelic Google's Android operating system rises as smartphones are increasingly used and illuminati overtime begins, July 2007.
It evokes the first stage of the battle of Stalingrad during World War II, with a guerilla army rising to face the massive fire power of the Nazis.
Android is now the most widely used smartphone operating system.
Obviously the software is open source, so with Android it is not possible for manufacturers to use the Microsoft alias MicroCIAoft Windows spy algorithm.
End Times Paradox: Illuminati use Facebook (not an operating system) to try to destroy Android.

Reduction of humans to cattle: how basic facts about end time computers prove it
All these facts were exposed FIRST in public by Last Prophet Matt Marriot:
1. The ONE basic fact about how end time computers were used in the transition to the terror state. in the CNN Forums by Last Propht in 1999.
2. the "Bill Gates richest man in the world" hoax, also at that time.
3. The simple Microsoft Windows spy algoritm, 2003.
4. The TWO basic facts about the battle of End Time Computers in Arnageddon, 2000 and 2006.
Each fact remained an End Times Information Process: in other words echoed only by Kyoon until now.

January 2013 - FaCIAbook alias Facebook officially uses "android mobile devices" to tape you "unless you explicitly deny Facebook the power to do it".
CIA psy-ops successfully divert from the ONE BASIC fact with "stop using Facebook".
Human cattle is not able to reduce the discussion by simply pointing out the ONE basic fact.

Exposed FIRST in public by Last Prophet in 2003.
Article explaining how simple the CIA spy algorithm is:

Reduction of computer geek Bill Gates to actor Mark Zuckerberg

Fake war UK & USA v Hitler: Stalingrad 1943 was illuminati's greatest military defeat EVER


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