Computers between tool for Illuminati Endless Deception and Revelation of Truth.

May 11, 2007, live traffic - Look now, before it will be doctored!

LIVE PIC - UNITED STATES in End Times - Look before it will be faked, as the "polls" that give Ron Paul 2 pct of the republican votes, as Ron Paul will happily be the first to confirm.

Traffic Rank for Ron Paul,, reaches new best rank ever, at #21,775. Users from United States 84%.

Traffic Rank for Barack Obama, , improving to #15,019. Users from United States 81%.

Traffic Rank for Hillary Clinton,, drops below #60,000. Users from United States 77%. The candidate who will become the LAST president of the United States, unless the illuminati will have to terminate the script for good before the "elections".

BTW, * RON PAUL and BARACK OBAMA 2008 agenda * for dummies - the one basic fact, explained worldwide first...

A role that can be played because almost every US citizen has ACCEPTED to take the mark of the beast.

---- One day later, as predicted, the picture has been doctored...

Curve for Hilary Clinton is NO MORE displayed.

The 9/11 trick was CNN adding a "plane" to the live WTC picture.

The trick now is "subtracting" a curve from the traffic picture.
For the record, the curve before Hilary was pulled away from traffic...

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