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May 24, 2016

Egyptair crash flightradar real-time data in archive vs Numerology in illuminati scripts

Egyptair crash hoax: flightradar real-time data in archive vs Numerology in illuminati scripts
1. Ongoing 9/11 remake: Egyptair is the second launch for the Shanksville remake
2. Egyptair flight 804; Clinton & Trump votes: Examples of Illuminati Numerology: explicit and implicit types
3. Egyptair fake crash: Archived pages as undeniable evidence:

** Chapter 1 **
Ongoing 9/11 remake: Egyptair is the second launch for the Shanksville remake
Staged 804 days after the first act of the script that will end in Jerusalem with the same airliner that it all started, the missing Boeing 777. 
"Indonesian airliner missing" was the first launch but it had to be aborted 3 weeks later because of the failed all out nazi assault on Donetsk, Jan 2015.

Missing EgyptAir flight 804 staged on day 804 dafter missing Malayisa Boeing 777 - For dummies
Remake of one of the four fake airplanes of the 9/11 2001 script: "brave passengers stand against terrorists, United Airlines Flight 93 crashes in Pennsylvania".
This is the secod launch of the remake, because the first one, launched Dec 28 2014, had to be aborted shortly after.
Why? For the same general reason that the resurrection of Osama Bin Laden at Jerusalem had to be postponed five times, each Easter Sunday from 2012 to 2016.
In other words: because, against the odds, illuminati were not able to militarily defeat freedom loving people in key fronts of the ongoing final battle of Armageddon.

Egyptair: Shanksville remake: script unfolding as predicted by Last Prophet:
Current act: "Debris, lugagge and body parts found", 
Coming: "black boxes reveal that brave passengers resisted the terrorists causing the plane to crash".

** Chapter 2 **
Egyptair flight 804; Clinton & Trump votes: Examples of Illuminati Numerology: explicit and implicit types
Examples range 
1. - from Egyptair's crash loacation and flight duration to Hillay Clinton's total votes. 
2. - from Egyptair's flght number to Hitlery & Trumperminator's official votes in the NY primaries.

Numbers explicitly in script
Illuminati's magic numbers 33 and 666 appear explcitly in both scripts. 
The "crash" was 33 minutes into day 804 since the Boeing 777 "disappeared from the radars", using universal time for both episodes.
Egyptair:"Aircraft disappears at 33.3 degrees North latitude, flight duration 3 hours and 33 minutes, number on board 33 x 2 = 66, and transponders cease at 0:33 universal time."
US elections 2016; first woman US president elected with a total of 66.6 million votes.

Numbers implicitly in script
- flight number generated by: "days since first act of 9/11 remake" (missing Boeing 777, March 2014). 
US elections 2016; Results for Clinton and Trump in the NY primaries: generated by:
- Clinton: real number multiplied by EXACTLY 100 (last two digits are irrelevant).
- Trump: just under the generated Clinton's votes divided by two (number reflecting "just under" is irrelevant).

Talk of numbers generated in real-time:
** Chapter 3 **
Egyptair fake crash: Archived pages as undeniable evidence: 
From flightradar24 to businessinder.

Two holes in the mechanisms to prevent archiving pages
Contrast how the timestamped truth was preserved each time
1.- computer generated data page exposing how the "crashed" flight 804 really ended: webarchive not able to do the job even if filghtradar doesn't stop it from the start with the robots.txt file.
Job could be done by using the alternative service
2 - "news page including Last Prophet comment exposing the script in advance: webarchive was able to take a snapshot from the businessinder site.
But in case the businessinder site will change its robots.txt file then webarchive will no longer display it.

flightradar24: not only self-exposes that the airliner didn't crash but also reveals the landing time
The site flightradar24 displays data generated by software tracking flights around the world in real time.
Illuminati serve the series "fake plane crashes" at the end of the show.
That's why the site obviously prevents webarchive from taking snapshots.
Reminder: fake crashes are normmally staged with a real departure that is not concealed, only the landing is.
In other words: self-exposing tracking evidence has to be manually changed using the previously generated data.
But there's still another archiving site that in this case is able to bypass the mechanisms preventing the archiving:

Businessinsider: Last Prophet's comment exposing the script in advance
The script of each fake crash, same as each other major hoax served as "news", includes countless chapters advancing the underlying agendas.
Some of these chapters are repeated again and again and yet human cattle continues to "try to understand what happened":
- from "coincidences" and "unaswered questions"
- to "discrepancies that raise eyebrows", from "conflicting reports" to deliberate planted "holes in the story".
Example: businessinsider site headlines: "Ominous graffiti was scribbled on the bottom of the crashed EgyptAir flight".
Agendas advanced by this chapter range:
- from staging the theater "Sisi vs Muslim Brotherhood"
- to giving new tracks to have the human cattle trying to "solve the enigma".
But there's indeed a KEY piece of information in the page, albeit only in the archived version: the first comment, by Last Prophet, obviously deleted shortly aftet it was posted. 
A comment that is nothing less than the prediction of what already happened and is yet still to come.

** Chapter 2 **
Day 804 after the start of the remake

Official flight time/Duration: 3 hours 33 minutes

Site coordinates: 33° 40' 32.52? N, 28° 47' 32.64? E

** Chapter 3 **
proving that the Egyptair crash was a hoax resumes to go to the right page at the right time and archiving it,
More precisely immediately after the flight landed.
PROOF: Flightradar24 reported that EgyptAir Landed in Cairo at 03:06

businessinsider: One of the countless chapters of the hoax served as news - closed comments section has four items. (don't bother clicking)
Archived version showing the first and only comment at the time of the snapshot, by Last Prophet:

Egypt, July 2013: 30 million protesters in the streets force the illuminati to replace Morsi with Sisi. 
State terror interrupted because puppet Sisi has to temporarily play"moderate muslim" and "bystander" in the sunni genocide in Syria and Iraq.
Sisi was appointed by nazi agent Morsi, "Sisi jails Morsi" is theater used to in fact pave the way for the comeack of the Muslim Brotherhood.

** Chapter 1 **
"Osama resurrects in Jerusalem" - why missing Boeing 777 script postponed, modified
Show to end all shows: Introduction: First act was scripted for one year before the last!!
Explanation reads like a chronicle of how illuminati overtime was extended after the original end date, Easter Sunday 2012.
Published days after Easter Sunday 2015
After 1,000 articles in 100 blogs, this was the first and so far only one to include an exclamation mark.
Explanation for Easter Sunday 2016 added together with the second one.

Original article from 31 Dec 2014, updated with Egyptair crash hoax
8 US Soldiers Disappear removing 5000 yr old Flying Machine from Afghan Cave
The joke rearranges these words: Flying Machine, Disappear, Afghan Cave.

** Chapter 2 **
Numerology in Illuminati scripts: typology:
Two basic types for how numbers appear in an illuminati script: 
- explicitly, from the start. 
- implicitly, to be generated later according to script lines ("on the fly" or to use a computer related term: in real-time).

NY primaries milestone: Clinton votes multiplied 100 times
Apr 20, 2016, on Hitler's anniversary: End Times Sign: 3 digits milestone for multiplying votes 
New York primaries: Clinton real votes counted 100 times each - milestone for converting real into official results.
Contrast it with Trump's results, generated, by BOTH a multiplier and a divider.

** Chapter 3 **
Censoring the truth: from filtering from the start to prevent archiving
Filtering from the start 
Almost all illuminati sites allowing readers to post comments, from mass media to fake alternative news sites (alias illuminati web of disinfo), either:
- previously filter comments.
- use mechanisms (regstration, censors) to immediately ban any truth.
Reason: to prevent the truth to appear in a page in the first place.
Prevent archiving
Two possible cases why illuminati will prevent webarchive from preserving pages.
- potentially self-exposing data 
- comments exposing illuminati scripts in advance
Tactics range 
- from the site's robots.txt file, used to send directives to webarchive 
- to scripts ensuring that data (for example comments) are not included if the request to display the page comes from webarchive.

Mar 9, 2012

The ONE basic fact about the plan to control end time computers

How end time computers were used in the transition to the terror state - the ONE basic fact
You do not need to be a computer scientist to know the ONE basic fact about its software:
1. The operating system:
- controls EVERY other software;
- controls EVERY built-in and peripherical devices (including cameras and micros);
- accesses ALL data.

The ONE basic fact about the plan to control end time computers
Control of end time computers was one of the key items in the "Transition to the terror state" illuminati agenda, completed years ago.
The ONE basic fact about it, is that it was to be implemented in two steps, as simple as this:
1. Control the most popular operating system, Windows, or in other words control Microsoft.
2. Turn Windows into the one world operating system.

After the plan was nearly completed, during the current terror state stage, control mechanisms included:
- filter any communication between internet users (emails, video, etc) ;
- use the internet to spy unaware citizens with cameras and micros in the privacy of their homes
The simple Microsoft Windows spy algorithm is all it takes to prevent freedom loving computer geeks to help citizens escape this control.
Once the nazi constitution will be proclaimed, the operating system can be pushed to control also ANY undesirable software:
- delete it if already installed;
- make it impossible for users to install it.
This will allow the illuminati to read virtually any encrypted data on any computer connected to the internet.

Ultimate reduction of privacy and the ONE basic fact
As far as spying on citizens, the terror state reached the utter limits when computers with built-in microphones and video cameras became the standard.
Illuminati secretly listen and view unaware citizens using Windows computers ever since.
Only way to stop it: open the computer to clip the wires of the built in micro; cover the built in camera.
Not only in Illuminatziland but ALL around the world, thanks to control of the WINDOWS operating system.
The ultimate example illustrating the reduction of privacy.

Armageddon - the battle of End Time Computers - the TWO basic facts
1. Angelic Google became the leader of GOOD against EVIL in the battlefield of End Times Computers, as it became the leader of search engines.
"Coincidentally" as the final battle of Armageddon started, 24 March 1999.

2. Rise of the Android operating system: resistance when no longer expected
Operating systems is obviously the most important battlefront in the the battle of End Time Computers.
Angelic Google's Android operating system rises as smartphones are increasingly used and illuminati overtime begins, July 2007.
It evokes the first stage of the battle of Stalingrad during World War II, with a guerilla army rising to face the massive fire power of the Nazis.
Android is now the most widely used smartphone operating system.
Obviously the software is open source, so with Android it is not possible for manufacturers to use the Microsoft alias MicroCIAoft Windows spy algorithm.
End Times Paradox: Illuminati use Facebook (not an operating system) to try to destroy Android.

Reduction of humans to cattle: how basic facts about end time computers prove it
All these facts were exposed FIRST in public by Last Prophet Matt Marriot:
1. The ONE basic fact about how end time computers were used in the transition to the terror state. in the CNN Forums by Last Propht in 1999.
2. the "Bill Gates richest man in the world" hoax, also at that time.
3. The simple Microsoft Windows spy algoritm, 2003.
4. The TWO basic facts about the battle of End Time Computers in Arnageddon, 2000 and 2006.
Each fact remained an End Times Information Process: in other words echoed only by Kyoon until now.

January 2013 - FaCIAbook alias Facebook officially uses "android mobile devices" to tape you "unless you explicitly deny Facebook the power to do it".
CIA psy-ops successfully divert from the ONE BASIC fact with "stop using Facebook".
Human cattle is not able to reduce the discussion by simply pointing out the ONE basic fact.

Exposed FIRST in public by Last Prophet in 2003.
Article explaining how simple the CIA spy algorithm is:

Reduction of computer geek Bill Gates to actor Mark Zuckerberg

Fake war UK & USA v Hitler: Stalingrad 1943 was illuminati's greatest military defeat EVER


Jun 8, 2009

Voting machines milestones: Bush presidential 2004, EU referendum France 2005, Sarkozy presidential 2007, McCain 2008, Sarkozy EU 2009

2004 - 2008 milestones

2004 US presidential - first time in Illuminatziland, voting machines used to fulfill the candidate in the winner role, i.e. to “re-elect” Bush. (1)

2005 EU referendum France -  first time the illuminati make a miscalculation when using voting machines to fulfill the results. They thought that computer vote would be required only to play the introductory role (used for less than 5% of the votes, goal supposed to be only to pave acceptance for next “election” totally computerized), since all parties in parliament campaigned for “YES”. Yet the “NO" vote won. (2)

France presidential 2007 - first time voting machines used to decide the election in a EU “country”. For the first time this decisive factor is used (rather than changing the winner) “only” for quantitative changes, they just add a few percent to the “votes” of Sarkozy (the actor in the winner’s role in the illuminati script), who would have won also without voting machines. (3)

2008 US presidential - first time the decisive factor is used for quantitative changes involving a multiplying factor higher than 2, multiplying the “votes” of Mcain (someone in loser’s role in the illuminati script).
Actually the factor sets a record impossible to beat, by 12 ( from under 5 million to almost 60 million “votes”).  (4)

EU Parliament, June 2009 - THREE milestones in one day

EU Parliament 2009 -  despite the factor used to multiply the “votes” of Sarkozy (the actor in the winner’s role in the illuminati script) being slightly below two (i.e. much lower than McCain), it is the first time that voting machines ARE actually used to decide the election in a EU “country”.

A second milestone: it is also the first time where, because of use of ballots in “countries” in any constellation (e.g. UK, ruled by “left”, Germany ruled by a “left” and “right” coalition or Italy ruled by the “right”) on one hand and voting machines in France in the other hand, the use of the decisive factor is immediately exposed by simply comparing the two hands.
In other words, the question that none of the “journalists” will pose is:
- how to explain that France, the only area in the EU where the results are decided by electronic vote, was also the only area where the party “in power” was also the only party increasing instead of losing votes?
The fact that the although  Sarkozy was confronted with much larger protests to his “reforms” than any of the other parties “in power” the illuminati  programmed that increase bys almost doubling his votes is just an additional detail as far as this milestone.

But the fact that Sarkozy's votes were almost doubled plays a role in the third milestone: for the first time in the EU elections, voting machines influence significantly the composition of the Parliament. But unlike Halloween 2004 in the US presidential "elections", this has no more anything to do with marking the formal acceptance of the Mark of the Beast. For the EU human cattle that happened days before the 2004  US presidential "elections", when the populace of 25 former countries accepted to give up national independence without a shot being fired, as their illuminati rulers signed the EU constittution at Rome. (5)

Covering up how easily the 2009 fraud can be exposed

The results reduced (“parties in power massively lose, from 5% to 20%) are only “contradicted” by “Sarkozy” numbers programmed in the illuminati voting machines.
Since the populace accepted the Mark of the Beast there was no more need to cover-up anything. Yet the system is now collapsing and electonic vote could not be timely introduced in “countries” like the UK or Holland, where the parties in power are collapsing and voters have now alternatives. The UK results mark a milestone, with one of these alternatives, the BNP, beating for the first time one of the parties that so far played the “in power” role, the “Labor” Party.
So to cover-up what the reduction of the results returns as well as to cover-up that that reduction immediately exposes the electonic vote fraud in France, the illuminati staged two major acts:
- ministers “abandoning” the Gordon Brown’s ship before the results are announced;
- using Italy's "permier" Berlusconi and the porn framework (like Clinton/Lewinsky 1998), implemented as his “divorce” followed by "wild sex orgies with prostitutes", the photo of "Berlusconi’s erection" as climax. (6)

Why? To “justify” the “catastrophic” results of Gordon Brown or 35% Berlusconi got after being always polled at 45%.
Still media sells Berlusconi’s massive loss of votes as a victory. As mentioned, to cover up the simple truth: Sarkozy was the only “victor” “in power”.

(1) The moment that formally signals the acceptance of the Mark of the Beast by the US populace.“last+hours+before+almost+all+Americans”

(2) 2005 EU referendum proves that Diebold machines are now a MUST for the illuminati

(3) France vs. US elections for dummies: Sarkozy 2007 compared to Bush 2004 and Bush 2000

(4) “Democratic” “candidate” (original script:  Hillary Clinton) had the winner role, beyond the fact that the masses, after Bush, would not swallow a “republican”.
Main reason: profile required to disarm citizens. Also: staging the purity of BushClinton final act, ever since 1988. The illuminati were forced to  repackage it by stripping “Obama” of his 44th medal (coming now if still time left).

(5) Satanic Trilogy: the second ceremony, October 2004

(6) Photo: Silvio Berlusconi: penis erection returns name of a "premier" and "president"

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Nov 5, 2008

Why senator Obama impeached only after results declared and before becoming President

It will be loser John McCain to Hillary Clinton, as predicted by Prophet

The Illuminati religion does not resist the temptation of the power of end time computers, accepting to trade-off  a key detail "proving" the "purity" of that satanic religion. What better example to illustrate that end time computers are more powerful than the illuminati?

Why did the Illuminati prefer to wait for a day between November 5 and and the meeting of the Electoral College (*), to impeach senator Obama, instead of letting the Supreme Court rule on "Berg vs. Obama" before the results are announced, as predicted by Illuminati End Times Prophet?

The main reason is that, in the perspective of the fulfillment of the illuminati religion,  they valued the quantity (1) of the celebration rather than its quality (2).

Besides quantity for quality, a second trade-off which reflects the desperate situation of the illuminati: totally eliminating the risk of having hardly anyone showing in front of the votig machines in case November 4 was staged as McCain vs. Clinton, while accepting higher risks for the riots that will break out once the SCOTUS decision will be announced, despite the role of Obama to calm them.

Now what does End Time Prophet have to do with all this? (3)

(1) The quantity: having the "human cattle", while celebrating Obama,accept that
- McCain declared to have received 52 million votes, when in fact he got less than 5 million;
- McCain declared winner in some states, when in fact he was far behind in every single state; he actually did not reach 20% in any state;
Reminder: this represents NOT a new quality, since it has been done already without voting machines in 2000 (Bush vs. Gore) and with voting machines 2004 (Bush vs. Kerry), with Bush being even declared not only winner in one state (cf. Florida 2000) but also as president.

(2) The quality: the "purity" of the religion, having the masses officially cast their vote in the presidential election, from 1988  till the very end, to either a Bush or a Clinton.

(3) By postponing the decision the illuminati do not prove End Times Prophet wrong, who predicted that the Supreme Court's sentence would be announced BEFORE the results.
- Fact #4 explicitly mentions that the date can be slightly changed, i.e. "4. Steve X will begin playing officially the role that he is not an American on Halloween (unless Illuminati slightly change the date to prove Prophet wrong)."
- Fact #1 states that Hillary Clinton, not Obama, will become the President after George W Bush (unless no more president at all), so McCain conceding does NOT make Obama the president, and so this has yet to be proven wrong.

(*) added December 15: Illuminati postpone a few more days detonating  the bomb, masking their desperation (**) by adding one more act to the satanic celebration of the REVERSED script for Clinton Impeachment.
Not only by adding one more "crime" to the list of Obama's crimes, but also by assigning to Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich the role played 10 years earlier by  Monica Lewinsky:

(**) Added December 18: LARGEST ECONOMIC ATTACK in History UNDERWAY. Desperados upscale economic attack to Russia to MAXIMUM level, with oil being offered by the illuminati almost for free, at 20 to 40% of production costs, while using the OPEC arab agents to ensure Maximal Output,  in a LAST desperate attempt to create chaos in Russia.
Yet another End Times "Paradox": it was systemic collapse, which arrived a couple weeks earlier than planned and caused the exponential curve to abruptly fall, that made it both possible and necessary for the illuminati to launch Financial Armageddon. How does that affect the "Clinton, next and last US president" illuminati script? Answer:

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May 11, 2007, live traffic - Look now, before it will be doctored!

LIVE PIC - UNITED STATES in End Times - Look before it will be faked, as the "polls" that give Ron Paul 2 pct of the republican votes, as Ron Paul will happily be the first to confirm.

Traffic Rank for Ron Paul,, reaches new best rank ever, at #21,775. Users from United States 84%.

Traffic Rank for Barack Obama, , improving to #15,019. Users from United States 81%.

Traffic Rank for Hillary Clinton,, drops below #60,000. Users from United States 77%. The candidate who will become the LAST president of the United States, unless the illuminati will have to terminate the script for good before the "elections".

BTW, * RON PAUL and BARACK OBAMA 2008 agenda * for dummies - the one basic fact, explained worldwide first...

A role that can be played because almost every US citizen has ACCEPTED to take the mark of the beast.

---- One day later, as predicted, the picture has been doctored...

Curve for Hilary Clinton is NO MORE displayed.

The 9/11 trick was CNN adding a "plane" to the live WTC picture.

The trick now is "subtracting" a curve from the traffic picture.
For the record, the curve before Hilary was pulled away from traffic...

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