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Nov 5, 2008

Why senator Obama impeached only after results declared and before becoming President

It will be loser John McCain to Hillary Clinton, as predicted by Prophet

The Illuminati religion does not resist the temptation of the power of end time computers, accepting to trade-off  a key detail "proving" the "purity" of that satanic religion. What better example to illustrate that end time computers are more powerful than the illuminati?

Why did the Illuminati prefer to wait for a day between November 5 and and the meeting of the Electoral College (*), to impeach senator Obama, instead of letting the Supreme Court rule on "Berg vs. Obama" before the results are announced, as predicted by Illuminati End Times Prophet?

The main reason is that, in the perspective of the fulfillment of the illuminati religion,  they valued the quantity (1) of the celebration rather than its quality (2).

Besides quantity for quality, a second trade-off which reflects the desperate situation of the illuminati: totally eliminating the risk of having hardly anyone showing in front of the votig machines in case November 4 was staged as McCain vs. Clinton, while accepting higher risks for the riots that will break out once the SCOTUS decision will be announced, despite the role of Obama to calm them.

Now what does End Time Prophet have to do with all this? (3)

(1) The quantity: having the "human cattle", while celebrating Obama,accept that
- McCain declared to have received 52 million votes, when in fact he got less than 5 million;
- McCain declared winner in some states, when in fact he was far behind in every single state; he actually did not reach 20% in any state;
Reminder: this represents NOT a new quality, since it has been done already without voting machines in 2000 (Bush vs. Gore) and with voting machines 2004 (Bush vs. Kerry), with Bush being even declared not only winner in one state (cf. Florida 2000) but also as president.

(2) The quality: the "purity" of the religion, having the masses officially cast their vote in the presidential election, from 1988  till the very end, to either a Bush or a Clinton.

(3) By postponing the decision the illuminati do not prove End Times Prophet wrong, who predicted that the Supreme Court's sentence would be announced BEFORE the results.
- Fact #4 explicitly mentions that the date can be slightly changed, i.e. "4. Steve X will begin playing officially the role that he is not an American on Halloween (unless Illuminati slightly change the date to prove Prophet wrong)."
- Fact #1 states that Hillary Clinton, not Obama, will become the President after George W Bush (unless no more president at all), so McCain conceding does NOT make Obama the president, and so this has yet to be proven wrong.

(*) added December 15: Illuminati postpone a few more days detonating  the bomb, masking their desperation (**) by adding one more act to the satanic celebration of the REVERSED script for Clinton Impeachment.
Not only by adding one more "crime" to the list of Obama's crimes, but also by assigning to Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich the role played 10 years earlier by  Monica Lewinsky:

(**) Added December 18: LARGEST ECONOMIC ATTACK in History UNDERWAY. Desperados upscale economic attack to Russia to MAXIMUM level, with oil being offered by the illuminati almost for free, at 20 to 40% of production costs, while using the OPEC arab agents to ensure Maximal Output,  in a LAST desperate attempt to create chaos in Russia.
Yet another End Times "Paradox": it was systemic collapse, which arrived a couple weeks earlier than planned and caused the exponential curve to abruptly fall, that made it both possible and necessary for the illuminati to launch Financial Armageddon. How does that affect the "Clinton, next and last US president" illuminati script? Answer:

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